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Compatibility Issues

DTA Panels & Circuit Boards with Mac Computers!

Hi To all who operate a MAC,

I am operating xplane 9.4 on a mac (Snow leopard 10.6.2) and tried using a 2120
pulse generator and a 2090 rotary encoder. I found them doing some very strange
things when I connected them to my mac.

Firstly they would show up as multiple buttons in the advance Button page and
would randomly change their matrix position which would have a different
assigned function. The functions that did work in the advanced button page then
would not actually carry out the desired function. After emailing DTA I still
had no straight forward fix.

I have found a very easy way around the problem which also has other benefits.

Using a program called USB Overdrive you can manage all of your USB connections and assign them a keyboard function.
One part of setting this up that is very important is you need to make each USB
connection specific. From the Main window -> Settings tab -> top menu -> New
Duplicate Settings -> Device menu -> specific device.

Now just assign it any keyboard funtion and make a note of it.

Now open xplane and go to the settings menu >joystick> keys and assign that
keyboard key to the desired function. The added benefit of doing it like this
is that it will save all your settings. When assigning buttons in a mac, and
you unplug everything your settings normally get reassigned unless you plug them in in the same order everytime.
I hope this helps out.

You can download HID Overdrive HERE:

License fees: $20.00USD

Relatively inexpensive software to get your DTA boards working with your MAC.
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