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SUPER Rotary Encoder USB Junction Box 2130 USB Digital Switch 2040
Avionics Panel 2100 USB Junction Box 2050 Avionics Switch 1020
THROTTLE Quadrant Single Pulse Generator NAV/COM Radio 2015
AUTOPILOT Panel 2020 USB Elevator Trim Wheel Rotary Encoder 2095A
USB Light Controller Module Helicopter Controller Rotary Encoder Array Panel

Components that can be seen on our PARTS Page
17x2 Ribbon Cable

Cables Measure 6 inches long with both sides terminated with a standard 17x2 Female Connector
Toggle Switch (SPST)

Standard toggle switches, Mounts in a 1/2 hole with Solder tabs. Rated 4 Amps @ 125VAC. A GREAT addition to our 2120 Pulse Generator board.
USB Series "B" Cable

Standard USB Connector for mating with our Model 2090 and the Model 2040 ect. Circuit boards. Series "A" connector on one end and a Series "B" on the other. White in color.
17x2 Male Header Connector

These 34 pin Male Headers mate with the 17x2 Ribbon Cables for Easy soldering of switches to our 2040 Digital Switch. (0.10in centers)
2-Pin Connectors

This Packet includes all the connectors needed for one 2120 board. That is TWENTY 2-Pin Connectors
SPST Push/Pull Switch

SPST ON-OFF Heavy-duty, 2 position push-pull switch. Made of brass and chrome. Mounting stem: 1-1/4" long, 3/8" diameter. Overall length: 3-1/8", wide 7/8". Rated: 15A at 12V, 25A at 6V.

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USB Junction Box
The 2130 is a device that allows easy connection of up to 20 Toggle Switches to the USB Port on your computer. Just solder the wires from a standard RCA shield Cable to a Toggle Switch and plug it directly into the 2130. A GREAT device for thoses having little or no Electronic Experiance.
Junction Box
USB Trim Wheel
USB Trim Wheel
The USB Elevator Trim Wheel is a 7.5 inch Diameter Plastic Wheel mounted on a Black plastic cabinet with a 2 foot USB Cable running from the back. To install, just plug this cable into an available USB Port on your computer. Program into your Flight Simulator and Stand Back for the "TIME of YOUR LIFE"
Hilo Controller
Model 2310/ 2312 accept 5 Analog, 12 Digital Inputs and a Top Hat switch (also called a "Coolie" and POV). The resolution of 12-bits (2312) will provide you with the Ultimate Directional control needed for all your flights. Use it to fly your Bell, Robertson ect. Hilos. Stop by for a look.
Hilo Controller
10 & 12-Bit Resolution
Light Controller
The 2250 allows you to add up to 15 spring return push button switches to your flightdeck. Not only does each of the 15 switches deliver a 1/4 second pulse that is easily programmable for just about any flight function, the 2250 also provides a controlled voltage that is easily wired to the internal bulb in the switch.
Light Controller
Controls LED & Incandescent Bulbs

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Other Items of Interest!
I use a CH Products Yoke for my design. Take a look at my Throttle Controls, they look really professional.
Dear Desktop Aviator,

Just wanted to say thanks for the USB Interfaces!! They work flawlessly and have enabled me to start building the simulator I have always dreamed of !!! I have a very limited budget (who doesn't) but very expensive taste and your products work flawlessly. In my 737 simlator I have used two USB 10 button Interfaces to model almost evey switch and I still can't believe how easy it was and the best is the cost!!! I have included some pics of my ongoing construction and plan to purcahse more interfaces, after all FSX has so much more 737 cockpit switches and your products work awesome at a fraction of the cost of other hardware !!!

Thanks again,
A very happy customer.

David Laquerre

David would love to hear from other Cockpit Designers building their own 737. You can reach him at:
The Homemade 737 Project
A view from the outside looking in. Still needs some work but that's OK
To keep costs down. I made extensive use of computer monitors to display the needed 737 gauges
With everything pluged-in; it looks awesome!
A shot of the upper switch panel, Desktop Aviator's USB Interface is used here too.

It's a work in progress, but I love my 737