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  Building My Own Elevator Trim Wheel 

by  Raymond Masser

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I've been involved in Flight Simulators and Aviation for sometime, so when Microsoft came out with their realistic Programs, I wanted to give them a try. Below in Figure 1 is my Home Cockpit. It looks clittered, but it serves the purpose of getting me safely "Off-the-Ground"


Using the old reliable CH Products Yoke and 2 monitors, I'm off into the wild-blue yonder. I like the idea of making use of the two monitors; one to display the Avionics Panel and senery and the second to display the Radio Stack, GPS and other vital instrumentation for a safe flight. But I was lacking one important piece or gear; the "Elevator Trim Wheel".

While surfing the net, I came across Desktop Aviator; clicked a few links and there it was; An article explaining how to incorporate a Trim Wheel into my CH Yoke by just adding 4 wires (This Article can be found HERE).

OK; they caught my attention; so I read on!

The Article was well written and very easy to follow. With my confidence overflowing; I decided to take the plunge and try my hand on building my own Elevator Trim Wheel.

And so I did, and here is the results of my efforts.


The plastic Elevator Trim offered by Desktop Aviator for $27.00 was a nice piece of work but I wanted to design and build my own. You can see in Figure 2, I made the bracket out of a block of aluminum. Aluminum is a relatively soft material so it was easy to cut into the desired shape.

Mounting the 1/4 inch shaft of the potentiometer directly to the larger shaft of my Trim Wheel was impossible because of the difference in diameter of the two.  To compensate for this difference, I decided to mount toothed gears on both shafts. 

The potentiometer I used was a volume control for radios, so what I did was to mount a 100K Ohm (Use a Linear Taper - Audio Taper will not work right)  Potentiometer on an aluminum bracket  with a toothed gear mounted to the shaft. A slightly larger gear was mounted on the shaft of My Trim Wheel. With my Homemade Elevator Trim Wheel and Desktop Aviator's wiring help, my flights will never be the same. It was a GREAT addition to my flightdeck and with the help of Desktop Aviator, REALISM is now the "Name-of-the-Game".


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