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  Download Flight Simulator Manager

  FlightSim Manager [revision 2.8]

Now compatible with both FS2002 and FS2004

FlightSim Manager is a great tool for managing add-ons to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Using easy to Wizard - FSM can install various addins from distribution ZIP files that you may have downloaded, with easy uninstaller. FSM has lots of feature to offer, from an easy to use Aircraft editor to add/edit aircraft variants, to an comprehensive Hangar management that allows you to manage and configure your add-ons off your live FS installation. You can create Virtual Fleets, and enable/disable the complete fleet with ease. For serious pilots, there is also a complete Logbook.

If you have access to networked PCs, you can use FSM Lan View feature to create virtual cockpits with as many different views as you like. FSM also make it very easy to control Flight Simulator with speech commands, with additional support for auto-saving flight, warning system, and your own custom event sounds.
Using a powerful Editor, you can now edit your AI Flight Plans - plans can be saved as sets, which then in turn can be enabled in Flight Simulator. With FSM, you can create Texture Sets ( your own custom texture installer ) - capture screenshots, complete Benchmark with log, launching Flight Simulator with Random Screens, and fly from anywhere in the world using an map view.

Finally with a comprehensive Diagnostic Tools and Repository feature, FSM keeps your FS installation clean. Apart from the usual Missing and unused gauges, FSM can also locate Aircraft problems, Missing and unused effects, and Scenery Problems with an unique LandClass File relocate feature - say bye-bye to all those memory leaks.

There are still a lot more features that you will need to discover by yourself.

Click HERE to Download Flight Sim Manager