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Moving Map Display for MS2004
System Requirements

A copy of FSUIPC is required.
FSUIPC can be downloaded for FREE from:


A thousand thanks to Peter Dowson for allowing us a FREEWARE License
for FSUIPC. This means you DO NOT need a registered copy of FSUIPC to
use this software. However, you really should purchase a copy of FSUIPC
for all the other neat features it provides.

Note: For unregistered version of FSUIPC, at-least FSUIPC version 3.44 is needed.

FSM v2.8 or above or WideFS to run over the network

FSM Moving Map has been tested on Windows98SE, WindowsME, Windows
2000, and XP FS2002 / FS2002 Pro / FS2004 (not tested with any other versions) -
however, it should work with any simulator that supports FSUIPC.

Note: If you want to help us with expanding FSM Moving Map for other
Flight Simulators, please contact us at:

We also suggest all the necessary patches and service packs.

                                          Click HERE to download Moving Map
Introduction to Moving Map

FSM Moving Map is a Freeware software with some neat features. With proper road
maps, you will be able to find your road (or lack of) in FS environment, or fly at ease
using  Sectional or terminal charts. The concept is very simple: you, the user define
all the maps... once you are flying, FSMMM will try to locate the best map available,
and display it on screen. Here is a screenshot of MovingMap - the road I live is just
underneath the right wing of the aircraft icon.

One of our beta user has described it as "flying like the rich people with fancy
GPS units sporting colour map displays" - 'nuff said.

On local PC, this map can be used with FS2004 Kneeboard, or with "MovingMap
Launcher". This software can also integrate with FlightSim Manager, and work
over the network using FSM Lanview (so you can fly on one machine while the
map runs on a different PC). You can also use WideFS to run FSMMM over the
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