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  FS2002 Autopilot Wing Leveler Utility

  About My Program - Wing Leveler Utility

FS2002 Autopilot Wing Leveler Utility - Version 1.2 - January 2002

When you activate the Autopilot in FS2002 the Wing Leveler is automatically enabled and there is no way to disable it from the Aircraft Panel. For those of you who like to fly using the Autopilot soley to maintain a constant altitude I've developed this little utility to modify FS2002 Aircraft.cfg file(s) to remove the Wing Leveler function. To do this the Aircraft.cfg file is modified to add information that will disable the default Bank (wings level) and the default Pitch (Aircraft attitude, nose up, nose down or level). The default setting for the Wing Leveler Utility is to disable both the bank and the pitch. If you are an advanced user and you would like to decide which functions to disable, you can use the "Advanced" button to select your options.


The Wing Leveler Utility can be installed anywhere on your system. It does not have to be in your Flight Simulator directory. Simply create a directory and unzip all the files to that directory. To keep the size of the download to a minimum I have not included the VB6 runtime files. You may have them on your system already, if not, they are available at in the "Must Have" files section. If you're not sure, go ahead and run WLUtil.exe, if it starts up you have the VB6 runtime files installed on your system. If not, and the program complains, just go to and download the VB6 runtime file.


Not much to learn here, and only one thing to remember. Just use the drive dialog windows in WLUtil to select Flight Simulator 2002's "Aircraft" directory. (Be sure to double click on each folder to have it "open"). When you have selected the Aircraft directory you will be presented with a list of all the Aircraft that have the Autopilot Wing Leveler function enabled. To remove it simply click on the Check Boxes beside the Aircraft Names to select them. Then click on the "Modify" Command Button and the Autopilot Wing Leveler function will be removed from all the selected Aircraft. (You can also use the "All" button to select all Aircraft in the list or use the "Clear" button to clear the list). If you want to put the Wing Leveler back then just click on the "Restore" Button, select the Aircraft you want to restore and then click "Modify".

Oh! ...and just one more thing to remember. Run this Utility BEFORE YOU START Flight Simulator!!! Otherwise the changes will not take effect until you exit and restart Flight Simulator. That's all there is to it!

Note for Users of Version 1.1

If you are a previous user of the Wing Leveler Utility Version 1.1 and you wish to use Version 1.2 to selectively remove either the Bank or Pitch functions of the Auto Pilot I suggest that you restore all Aircraft to their original state first and then after you have made your selection in the Advanced screen of the Wing Leveler go ahead and modify the Aircraft again. On the other hand, if you accept the default to remove both Bank and Pitch this step is NOT necessary. Just continue as you would normally.


To remove WLUtil from your system just delete the folder and all it's contents. WLUtil does not write to any information to the Windows Registry upon installation.

Thank you for trying WLUtil. I hope you find it useful and easy to operate. Send your questions or comments to,
Dave Westbury
Victoria Harbour, Ontario

Click HERE to Download Wing Leveler Utility

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